Godfrey of Iblan

A Gunderman noble adventuring in the Border Kingdoms to build his own realm.


The 5th son of Lord of the Gundermen is a title that means something. Mostly, it means that there is not enough to go around. The world is not handed to you on a silver platter like some silk swaddled Aquillonian fop. No, if you want a place in the world you have to take it and fight for it. That is no easy task, even for a Gunderman. To do so you need allies, cold steel, and determination. I have been blessed by Mitra to see my destiny, to bring about the long needed rule of an ancient house. It is in these lands to the north that I will also form my own realm from the chaos and villainy. With a small band that Mitra has brought together we set out to fulfill his sacred quest and in doing so make my way as a true lord.

The injustice of the Border Kingdoms has gone on long enough, I seek to forge my own realm through diplomacy and battle to free the noble servants from the tyrants that rule them.
The heir of Tremmonoch is beset by evil, I will rescue her and restore the heir to her rightful throne no matter the cost.
I will protect the members of my house and retinue, this is a true knights duty.

When surprised I draw my axe and shield
Thwart Nemedians at every turn
Always keep some cash on hand for ‘making alliances’.

Godfrey of Iblan

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