Thaddeus Claymora

Tall, dark and handsome


ThasseusAttributes Derived Attributes
Social: 4 Aim: 6
Wits: 4 Reflex: 6
Willpower: 2 Move: 8
Perception: 4 Knockout: 5
Mental Ap: 2 Knockdown: 6
Strength: 4
Agility: 7
Toughness: 4
Endurance: 4
Health: 4

Spiritual Attributes
Drive: 2 —>To enthrone the last scion
Passion: 1 -
→For the care and well-being of his countrymen
Passion: 1 —>For the care and well-being of Agatha
Destiny: 3 -
→Unknown to the character or others
Luck: 3

Gifts and Flaws
Major Gift True Leadership —> Born to lead. All roles concerning leadership or follower loyalty are made at +4.
Minor Gift Beauty of Legends -
→ Any rolls that are directly effected by beauty
(many social or entertainment skill, for example) are made with +1 die.
Minor Gift Wealthy —→ Double normal monthly income.

Skill Packets: Academic and Courtesan
Skills: Read/Write (6), Orate (8), Research (8), Etiquette(Court) (4), Acrobatics (8), Diplomacy (7), Disguise (8), Trade(Merchant) (8), Persuasion (9), Ridicule (8), Riding (7), Dancing (8), Intrique (8), Law (9), Sincerity (7), Leadership (8), Tactics(Land) (8), Search (7), Appraisal (9), Forgery (9)

Languages: Aquilonian, Brythunian, Corinthian, Ancient Acheronian

Proficiencies: Beat (0), Bind and Strike (0), Cut (0), Double Strike (0), Feint (Var), Simultaneous Block/Strike (0), Stop Short (0), Thrust (0), Toss (0), Block (0), Counter (2), Expulsion (2), Grapple (2), Parry (0)


Concept: Merchant/Lesser Noble
Philosophy: EVERYTHING is an opportunity for fun and profit…

A: Gifts and Flaws (1 Major, 2 Minor)
B: Social Class (Gentry, 100)
C: Attributes (39)
D: Skills (8/8)
E: Proficiencys (2)
F: Race (Human)

Physical Description: Thaddeus Claymora is a well-built 6’ tall, roughly 230lb youth. He is dark-skinned and moves with an easy grace. Tawny hair frames a handsome face that would be envied by most bards and entertainers. His speech is even and measured, with a tone of command that clearly is used to being obeyed. Well-dressed and well-coifed, Thaddeus exudes an air of easy grace and confidence.

History Thaddeus is often evasive about his past. However, if pressed, he claims to have come from a modestly successful merchant family from Brythunia. His parents had been lesser, unobles from Brythunia and Corinthia respectively. Their familys had forbid the union, and rather then abandon their love, they eloped and established themselves in the Border Kingdoms.

Thaddeus goes on to claim that dabbling in his parent’s mercantile endeavours had not interested him, and he left those to his younger brother to set out and seek his own fortune. Though he seems to be just as interested in seeing the world and seeking adventure as he is in acquiring his fortune.

His travelling companion Neromez is said to be a loyal retainer he befriended in Brythunia during his travels. Any other prying into his past merely gets responses like, “It is the future that provides us opportunities, not the past.”

Thaddeus Claymora

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