Milo the Mad

Crusty old pirate in search of this daughter


Dread Pirate Milo the Mad
Searching for estranged daughter, now 20 years old, he hasn’t seen since she was an infant. This is his primary goal (on his bucket list).
He believes a sea serpent, named “The Sea Beast” is after him and haunts him in his dreams.

When introduced to a woman, he will attempt to Charm her.
Never without Rum.

Lifepaths: Son of a Gun, Officer’s Mate, Sailor, Marine, First Mate, Ship’s Captain, Ship’s Captain, Crazy Old Sailor, Pirate
56 years old
Will B5 Perception B5 Agility B4
Speed B4 Power B4 Forte B5

Health B5 Mortal Wound B10 Reflexes B4
Steel B5 Hesitation 5 Stride 7
Circles B2
Resources B6
121 resource points
Skills 3 pts Gen, 34 pts LP
Etiquette 3, Seamanship 3, Sword 4, Intimidation 3, Command 2, Ugly Truth 1, Oratory 4, Captain-wise 2, Knots 2, Brawling 2, Sea-wise 2, Gambling 2, Ugly Truth 1, Knives 2, Map-wise 1, Seduction 3

Sea Legs, Pegboy, Drunk, Bruiser, Stern Demeanor, Superstitious, Problem with Authority, Vigor of Youth, Charming, Charismatic, Flamboyant
Arms (Sword, Dagger) 5rps, Riding Horse 5rps, Clothes 1rps, Traveling Gear 1rps, Boots 1rps, Personal Effects (Silver Mirror he means to give to his Daughter) 1rps, Cash 6rps, Rum 1rps
Pirating business 30rps, 5rps shack
Affiliation:1D, 10 rps : Pirate Crew of my ship
Reputation:3D, 45rps : Dread Pirate “Milo the Mad”
Relationship: Daughter 3rps, First Mate 5rps
2 rps left

Son of a Gun – 8 yrs – 3 res
Skills – 3pts General
Traits – Sea Legs + 1pt

Officer’s Mate – 4 yrs – 10 res +1M/P
Skills – 4pts – Etiquette, Captain-wise, Seamanship
Traits – Pegboy + 2pts

Sailor – 5 yrs – 7 res +1P
Skills – 6pts – Seamanship, Rigging, Knots, Brawling, Sing, Sea-wise, Gambling
Traits – Drunk + 1pt

Marine – 4 yrs – 10 res +1P
Skills – 4pts – Weapons, Knots, Intimidation
Traits – Bruiser

First Mate – 6 yrs – 18 res +1M
Skills – 6pts – Intimidation, Command, Conspicious, Seaman-wise, Sword
Traits – 1pt

Ship’s Captain – 7 yrs – 30 res +1M
Skills – 6pts – Command, Oratory, Ship-wise, Sea-wise 2pts General
Traits – Stern Demeanor + 1pt

Ship’s Captain again

Crazy Old Sailor – 10 yrs – 8 res +1M
Skills – 3pts Ugly Truth, Intimidation, Omen-wise
Traits – 3pts Superstitious, Metal Plate in the Skull, “He’s Jonah, that one”

Pirate – 4 yrs – 5 res
Skills – 6pts: Priate Cove-wise, Rigging, Knots, Knives, Sea-wise, Map-wise
Traits – 2pts – Problem with Authority, Scurvy, Maimed, Crippled, Lame

56 years old
121 res
10 mental 17 phys


Milo the Mad

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