A Zamorian adorned with rutty apparel with his prized greatbow and an unfriendly bitter demeanor.

Dargo was born and raised for a portion of his childhood in Zamoria. His family didn’t have an easy life there. His parents decided to journey to Nemedia for a better life. In Nemedia, they were building a new place to call home…instead they were found by Nemedian slavers and forced into slavery. During their undeserved slavery life Dargo’s parents with the help of other slaves managed a chance of escape but, only for Dargo. Time had past. Dargo was stuck fending for himself, doing whatever it took to survive – whether it moral, legal or not. Eventually Dargo found himself staying in Belglat with his friend Belasco. They seemed to have an understanding of each other. Belasco lived and worked in Belglat so he knew people and locations. He also knew marks that Dargo could steal from, just as long as Belasco got a cut of the spoils. Dargo agreed with the deal. Soon Dargo became weary of what became of his family. Since he was older and more capable of defending himself he decided to venture out. But, he never made it back to Nemedia. He was caught while trying to steal a horse…TO BE CONTINUED

Dargo has no love interests at this time.

-Bring down those who oppress the poor
-Fealty to Godfrey
-Bring down the Nemedians

-Stay inconspicuous and defensive
-Always find the easiest/weakest mark
-Always have a weapon ready

Dargo’s goals:
Hindering Nemedians (or killing them if he had his way about it).
Trying to help the oppressed (kind of a judgement call on his part).
Pilfering easy marks for easy loot.

Dargo’s hated enemies, hmph obviously Nemedians.


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