Corvina Viso

A witch huntress who hails from Hyperborea. Corvina is fueled by an unyeilding will of destruction toward the witches of The White Hand, and a new found calling to see the throne of Tremenoch restored!



Spiritual Attributes:
Luck 2
Passion 2 Loyalty to Stag Brother Solas.
Destiny 3 To be a legendary influence in restoring the ancient throne of Tremenoch.
Faith 1 In Mitra.
Oath 2 Oath to Temple of Mitra- To fell witches and all creatures of night alike; to protect the innocent from evil in honor of the will of Mitra.

Physical Attributes:
ST 4 WP 6 Reflex 4
AG 5 WIT 4 Aim 5
TO 5 MA 3 Knockdown 4
EN 4 SOC 4 Knockout 8
HT 3 PER 5 Move 6

Flaws & Gifts:
Accuracy (Major) and Tormented(Minor)

Native Language (Hyperborean)7
Language (Aquillonian)7
Battle 8
Hunting 6
Survival 6
Orienteering 7
Clan Etiquette(Hyperborean) 7
Sneak 9
Leadership 9
Intimidate 7
Gambling 9
Boating 7
Arcane Theory 9
Ritual Magic 9
Symbol Drawing 7
Herbalist 9
Astronomy 9
Secret Languages (White Hand) 7
Meditation 8

Sword & Shield 8
War Hammer 6

Long Mail Shirt, Leather Leggings, Leather Boots, Light Mail Gloves, Mail coif w/ Ventail, Pot Helm, Small Round Metal Shield

Arming Sword, War Hammer

Travelers Pack

GP: 1
SP: 10
CP: 88
B: 0


Corvina Viso

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