A thin, bald stygian scholar in plain slave's robes.


Social: 2
Wits: 6
Willpower: 7
Perception: 4
Mental Aptitude: 7 (6+1 racial)
Strength: 1 (2-1 racial)
Agility: 2
Toughness: 3
Endurance: 3
Health: 4

Derived Attributes
Aim: 3
Reflex: 4
Move: 3
Knockout: 6
Knockdown: 1
Kaa: 7
Form: 5
Discipline: 5
Draw: 4
Art: 5

Spiritual Atrributes:
Drive: 1 —> Achieve immortality via magic.
Destiny: 3 —> Bring the heir of Tremanoch to power.
Passion: 2 —> Defend Thaddeus Claymora.
Passion: 2 —> Discover hidden knowledge and magical lore.
Luck: 3

Gifts and Flaws
Major Flaw: Bad Reputation —> Stygian sorcerer, MA/TN 3 to be recognized, -4 dice in social situations except attempts to intimidate or instill fear (which instead gain +3 dice).
Minor Gift: Linguist —> Begin with one extra language, learn new ones in half the time at -1 to initial skill rating.
Minor Flaw: Dependence on Dialogue —> Must speak aloud (above a whisper) to cast spells.

Skill Packets: Ritualist and Academic
Skills: Meditation (8), Sneak (9), Arcane Theory (6), Ritual Magic (6), Symbol Drawing (7), Herbalist (9), Astronomy (9), Surgery (9), Secret Language of Priests of Set (7), Read and Write (7), Orate (8), Research (8), Temple Etiquette (7), Lore: Demons (8), Lore: Ancient Acheronian History (8), Lore: Alchemy (8), Lore: Stygian Religious Rituals (8)
Languages: Stygian (6), Ancient Acheronian (7), Aquilonian (7), Hyperborean (7)
(note that skills and languages are adjusted to reflect MA of 7 and Linguist minor gift)

Proficiencies and Vagaries

Sculpture: 3
Growth: 0
Movement: 2

Conquer: 3
Vision: 3
Glamour: 0

Summoning: 3
Banishing: 0
Imprisoning: 0

Sorcery Pool: 12 dice (add 5 dice for spells of three and 10 dice for spells of many)
Formalized Spells: 14


Concept: Academic/Scholar
Philosophy: More is never enough…

A: Proficiencies and Vagaries (14)
B: Race (Gifted Human)
C: Attributes (39)
D: Skills (8/8)
E: Gifts and Flaws (1 major flaw, 1 minor gift)
F: Social Class (Slave, 0)

Physical Description:
Akhen-Amun is a thin 5’10" male Stygian who weighs roughly 110 pounds. He is notable for his total lack of hair – a side-effect of the magical energies he manipulates. Although he has only been alive for 23 years, his extensive use of magic has pre-maturely aged him to nearly 37 years and deep lines are starting to appear in his face from the harsh and unnatural aging.

Akhen-Amun’s gift for magic revealed itself at a very young age and as a result he was sent to a Temple of Set in his homeland to become an acolyte before he was even old enough to walk. He never knew his parents, nor even his real name (Aken-Amun is the name given to him by the priests).

His early years in the temple were essentially a time of slavery and abuse until, at the age of 11, he used his magical prowess to slay his mentor (and most frequent abuser). In less than a dozen heart-beats, he caused hundreds of sharp bone slivers to errupt through the priest’s skin; the priest bled to death as his own pain-induced struggles further shredded his flesh.

After killing hs mentor, Akhen-Amun was accorded some measure of respect by the other priests and his life improved. He was allowed to take place in many of the rituals to worship Set, even learning the proper ways to sacrifice others so that their life-essence could be properly harvested.

In only a few short years Akhen-Amun became arrogant and proud. Four times his pride caused him to give offense to older priests – and each time he used his magic to destroy them when they rebuked him for his offense. It was after the fourth such slaying that he came to the attention of a High Priest of Set named Thoth-Amon.

While Thoth-Amon was initially impressed with Akhen-Amun, this favorable first impression was quickly soured by Akhen-Amun’s arrogance and lack of respect. Words were exchanged and, after a brief exchange of magical energies, Akhen-Amun suffered his first defeat. Not content to simply kill him, Thoth-Amon instead crafted an enchantment of great and dire potency to bind Akhen-Amun as a slave to a magical talisman.

After using the talisman for nearly a year to amuse himself, Thoth-Amon gave it to one of his loyal underlings. Over the next five years the talisman changed hands over a dozen times but one thing remained constant – each “master” of the talisman was a black soul who used Akhen-Amun ruthlessly as a tool to advance their own plans and agendas.

Under the control of the talisman, Akhen-Amun killed, tortured, and ruined more men, women, and children than could easily be counted. He had never been a compassionate or decent man – his upbringing within the walls of a Temple of Set prevented such sentiments – but over those five years he became numb to the horrors he inflicted. To Akhen-Amun life was nothing and had no meaning.

Very recently, Akhen-Amun’s talisman had been in the possession of a minor witch who commanded him to murder (by flensing) the children of a small village that had refused to pay a tribute to her. It was while he was away carrying out these orders that the witch was slain by a witch-hunter named Corvina, freeing Akhen-Amun of the enchantment and allowing him once again to act freely of his own free will. He is NOT aware that Corvina is the one that killed his former master; it is unknown how he would react if he did know.


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