The taming of the border Kingdoms


The Lists

1, Atzels Men
Kort – Atzels Champion
2 mercenaries

2, Gullochs Men__
Varento – Gullochs Champion am aquilonian swordsman
Baron Gulloch
Slaine two Hills a Gunderland mercenary

3,* The Drakes of Nemedia*__
Prince Boravus Clossius
Dominus Hallo

4,* Champions of the White Hand*__
The Albino Warrior – Duke Vausetus
2 Hyperborean warriors of the white hand

5, Bulls of Cragsfell
Horsemaster kavell
2 horsemen
6, Tedrigs Talismans

7, Riders of the Storm
Rozhkov the storm rider
2 Kozaks

8, Knights of Tarantia
Sir Theo Reevinart
Sir Trantius Merlon
Sir Barramor Rane

9, The Kordavian Blades
Blademaster Filio
Bladesman Cestarius
Bladesman Castalanus

10,Clan of The DarkWolf
Shawan Clan champion
11, The Lost Men
– The nameless knight
– The nameless archer
– The nameless swordsman

12, Men of The Five Knives
Miklos Daggerbrace
2 thugs

13, Lords Of Poitain
Duke Avorto
Sir Tormalus the great
Sir Raynard Darci

14, Men of Ravengard
Baron Torkal Moh
Rogo the giant, a hyperborean giant
Takan the Viper, a stygian assassin

15, Knights of Belverus
Count Durios Of Nemedia
Sir Gorotus of the Wall
Count Stramonus

16, Sons Of Ymir
Hegil blackaxe
2 aesiir warriors

17, The Agabo masters of the Sands
Jamshish Mullah
2 swordsmen

18, Fires heart Slavers
Halfdag the merciless vanir slavemaster
2 vanir slavers

19, Thieves of the great Ruby
Isuto the Jackal Hyrkanian archer
Chassus Veron argossian short sword and shield



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