The taming of the border Kingdoms


The Lists

1, Atzels Men
Kort – Atzels Champion
2 mercenaries

2, Gullochs Men__
Varento – Gullochs Champion am aquilonian swordsman
Baron Gulloch
Slaine two Hills a Gunderland mercenary

3,* The Drakes of Nemedia*__
Prince Boravus Clossius
Dominus Hallo

4,* Champions of the White Hand*__
The Albino Warrior – Duke Vausetus
2 Hyperborean warriors of the white hand

5, Bulls of Cragsfell
Horsemaster kavell
2 horsemen
6, Tedrigs Talismans

7, Riders of the Storm
Rozhkov the storm rider
2 Kozaks

8, Knights of Tarantia
Sir Theo Reevinart
Sir Trantius Merlon
Sir Barramor Rane

9, The Kordavian Blades
Blademaster Filio
Bladesman Cestarius
Bladesman Castalanus

10,Clan of The DarkWolf
Shawan Clan champion
11, The Lost Men
– The nameless knight
– The nameless archer
– The nameless swordsman

12, Men of The Five Knives
Miklos Daggerbrace
2 thugs

13, Lords Of Poitain
Duke Avorto
Sir Tormalus the great
Sir Raynard Darci

14, Men of Ravengard
Baron Torkal Moh
Rogo the giant, a hyperborean giant
Takan the Viper, a stygian assassin

15, Knights of Belverus
Count Durios Of Nemedia
Sir Gorotus of the Wall
Count Stramonus

16, Sons Of Ymir
Hegil blackaxe
2 aesiir warriors

17, The Agabo masters of the Sands
Jamshish Mullah
2 swordsmen

18, Fires heart Slavers
Halfdag the merciless vanir slavemaster
2 vanir slavers

19, Thieves of the great Ruby
Isuto the Jackal Hyrkanian archer
Chassus Veron argossian short sword and shield

Chapter 2 act 2

The streets are awash with the fanfare and expectation of the coming Tourney!
It seems that Godfrey’s group of faithful companions have created an interesting situation for themselves.

  1. After the timely intervention of the attempted rape of the merchant princess Esmeralda a chain reaction of events has been set in motion.
  2. Godfrey of Iblan has been summoned to the high keep for a dinner with Baron Gulloch to discuss the ripples this has caused in the ranks of the House of Phillipi , a powerful Nemedian family.
  3. There has been an offer of marriage by the Merchant prince Malub Tallum , the brother of the beautiful Esmeralda to wed his sister to Godfrey.
  4. Dargo and Jubala went a ranging in the The Trithalion Hills and found the area known as The Seat of the Three Kings but found no sign of the elusive white stag.

The coming days are sure top be full of surprises!

The Crusade of the Stag

Chapter 2 Act 1
The Trithalion Masters Tourney.
The rag tag retinue of Lordling Godfrey of Iblin’s arrived at the gates of Belglat to find the town buzzing with excitement over the upcoming tournament. All manner of warriors, knights and Lords had arrived from near and far to vie for the prizes and the prestige of being known as the master the Trithalion Tourney.

Nearly every member of the inner circle of Godfreys group had an encounter with a strange old wizened woman who managesd to stab each member with a broken antler to mark them as the new chosen of Tremanoch, which was unnerving to most of the members. Olivia the oracle had a second meeting with the high priest of the temple of Mitra, which started to confirm her fars that something is amiss with the man. Now two days are left to the opening day of the tourney, who knows what may happen!!
Chapter 1 act 3.5

ascent into chaos.

The party led bravely by Strom assaulted the ruined tower of the white Baron that was being held by 6 half men. The assault group resorted to trying to burn the beasts out. After some time had passed the group pushed the heavy stone door open to find none of the beast men inside. A partially concealed tunnel was found at the back of the tower, leading into the mountain itself.

Akna Amon and Horsa fended of an attack by sell wsords in the night after a energy sapping fog enshrouded the hostel, Akna Amons wards and Horsa’s blade kept the scion Meg safe but the stygian got a little carried away escaping and now finds himself out of energy in the wilds of the Trithalion hills;.
Chapter 1 act 3

night- day3
After a night of tumultuous activity, which included run ins with gaunt assassins bent on eliminating the antlers of the stag from Belglat, leaving Solus with an arrow in the back and a nasty wound to take care of, the party rested for the night in the Hostel.

Dawn greeted the party with a thick fog to embrace them as the stags embarked on the missioon to collect gold from a bandit camp at the other end of the Trithalion pass for Tedrig and they had the honor of having Horsa of the pit along for the ride.

(night- day 4)
At the end of the days travel the stags made it to the outpost in the heart of the pass known as the neck. There they camped, and they shared the fire with a Zamorian merchant and his guards who told Thadeus of the rumblings of war in the far northeast near the skull gate of hyperborea.
Strom payed for accomodation inside the watchhouse at the neck and caroused with the officers from the keep Gravius and Balthazaar. A strange young scholar with an arrogant disposition also shared the watch house.

(morning day 5)
The stags continued on into the wild part of the pass and tramped for the whole day without trouble till they were waylayed by the thieves of the two wolves camp, who just so happened to be in the employ of Tedrig the clean and were in fact just the men the stags had come to collect payment from. They were led out of the pass and deep into the hills of the Trithalion range and finally as the sun set they descended into another deep and more densely overgrown valley. At the floor of the valley they found the two wolves camp.

(night – day5)
They stags were informed by the bandit leader, a rat faced man by the name of Vennio that the take for Tedrig had been stolen by a band of raiders that he called “half men” who by the witnesses tales stood a foot taller than most men and could tear a plank to kindling with their bare hands. It appeared that Vennio spoke the truth and the stags headed deeper into the valley tracking these half men as soon as the first light appeared.

(morning day6)
The tracks which Agatha was following led the stags to an ancient path of steps dug into the valley wall that seemed to lead on forever. The Stags climbed til they left the wooded sides of the valley behind and were now on a steep switchback trail that led up the rocky slope to a place known as white Barons rock. AMBUSH! The stags were ambushed by a well placed but crude rolling log trap that sent two of the accompanying bandits to their deaths at the bottom of the valley far below. What had triggered the trap chilled the blood of the group, two hairy heavily muscled beast like humanoids now stood above the group and bellowed in challenge. Strom and Horsa quickly made their way up the trail to close with the beastmen as the brutes hurled long spears at the two warriors. The rest of the stags found cover and angles to pepper the creatures with missiles till the front line warriors could engage. Soon the battle was over and the stags triumphant although they had lost another bandit aide and one of the beastmen fled with inhuman speed up the hillside trail. The stags and their allies made a fast chase up the hill and soon the old ruined tower sitting on white barons rock came into view. The sharp eyes of agatha spotted more of the halfmen moving around in the rocks below the tower, and the stags took a moment to plan their attack.

Chapter 1 act 2


The stags make a deal with Tedrig the clean to stay at the Hostel and work for him as hired hands/muscle in return for being close to Meg. In the following day the stags make plans for an excursion into the Trithalion hills along with the midnight pit champion Harldan to collect a debt of gold from a bandit camp for Tedrig.

During the course of the day Horsa and Content Not Found: agatha head out into the great market to collect supplies for the coming trip. Horsa intercedes an argument between a pipe merchant named Garrett and a tall gaunt looking Hyperborean in rags who pulls a dagger and in one swift motion cut the throat of Garrett and tried to stick Horsa too, who managed to parry the strike. Horsa stepped back and drew his blade but that was enough for assailant to run into the crowd and disappear. Horsa and Agatha who had seen the ensuing attack locate the dead merchants wife with the aid of a scrawny urchin named Callo and the group proceeded to moved the remainder of garrets wares and his body from the market street to his home, where they earned the respect and gratitude of Garrets wife Isabella the baker who so happens to be the chief baker of the Barons kitchens.

Strom Bolli went to find a war dog in the market and somehow found his way to the north side of the lower quarter in the large tented encampment of a Kozaki band of horse warriors led by an aggressive swordsman named rozhkov the storm tamer. Strom proceeded to purchase a dog from them and to test its skills it was set upon a cloaked fellow that had been shadowing Strom all the way from the Hostel to the Kozaki encampment, who Rozhkov politely let Strom know, was watching him from the corner of the stables across the way. The dog set off after the spy and both disappeared into the busy streets. Strom found his dog in a small alley with two knives protruding from its gut, but the dog also had bloody torn threads of a garment in its mouth.
Strom proceeded to bind the dogs wounds which were not fatal and set off following the blood trail which died in the center of the great market covered by many dusty foot prints.

Chapter 1 act 1

Finding the Scion,

The firelight caused shadows to flicker on the ancient stone faces of the three huge menhirs that stood in the center of the clearing atop the wooded promontory that overlooked the town of Belglat far below on the plain.(just to let you know, i wrote a huge intro story and looked at the preview and the it disappeared do heres the short version with no editing cos im pissed)

the camp is the meeting place for the guardians of the Stag.

Thadeus, a corinthian noble and his blades man Neromez
Strom, a mercenary captain lost of his company
Horsa, a large Hyperborean warrior of few words.
Akna Amon, a gaunt stygian scholar in rags
Solus, a Zamoran “rogue”
Corvina, A Hyperborean huntress with distrust in her eyes for the stygian

The campfire that night was shared by the old crone known as the herald of Tremanoch , the same woman who started all these adventurers on this quest that has run for two winters now. Stories are shared about the Witch of the white hand and the man of The Grey Veil and how they have thwarted the groups efforts to save those shown to them in the dreams and visions that led them on this quest. In the groups dreams this night the Sage of Tremanoch come to them and speaks of how they are all tied to eachother now and they are the Antlers of Tremanoch. They are told the last scion of Tremanoch is in the town below and must be found and protected, the scion must also be raised to rule the land around the tree Giants to prepare for the hard times that are soon to come. Teh group is told that if the children of the grey veil come to rule this land, an age of suffering and horrors will befall not only the border kingdoms but all the surrounding lands, it has already started in the northeast,
About Town
The setting sun disappears behind the city wall to your west, a cold North wind bites into the skin of your face and swirls the dust around your boots as you watch the last of the merchants stow their various wares away into the safety of the stalls shacks and hovels of the market square of Belglat. Summer had been a somewhat dreary time caravaning from village to village in the mountains and lowlands of the border kingdoms as paid protection for a unscrupulous Argossean merchant by the the name of Publio Vaertonus, a man better known by his underhanded trade practices than anything else.

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